First round, bossed it!
Cod cheeks skills test 20mins and his Signature dish.

Family all very proud!

In this heat, six professional chefs from across the UK put their reputations on the line. Under the scrutiny of the three judges, the chefs must face two of their toughest challenges, firstly a test of their basic skills, followed by a chance to cook their own unique signature dish for the judges. At the end of this heat, three chefs will be sent home and the strongest three will go through to this week’s quarter-final.

The first challenge they face is the skills test, set by Monica. The chefs have 20 minutes to prepare a dish using cod cheeks and an accompanying sauce or garnish. They must remove the cod flesh from the head simply and cleanly with no waste, cook it to perfection and create a beautifully balanced accompaniment. Whilst Monica, Marcus and Gregg look on, will the chefs fade under the pressure of this test, or manage to impress with a beautifully prepared, seasoned and cooked fish dish?

Next, the six chefs must cook their own signature dish for the three judges. They have an hour and 15 minutes, to create a dish of their own design. It is their final chance to impress the judges before three of them are sent home. The remaining chefs will progress to the quarter-finals, moving another step closer to being crowned MasterChef: The Professionals Champion 2017.


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