DECEMBER 2019 – Update

Work – very sporadic, with busy and quiet spells – survey seems to be slightly more popular than web design, even done some aerial inspection with the Mavic Pro.

Tom – working with Maaemo in Norway came to a head, I think they were taking Tom for a bit of a ride, low pay, long hours and high pressure. Anyway soon after the charity dinner he resigned and is now looking at options.

Phil & Gaby – still in the process of moving, but stuck in a chain. Phil is working for Paulo Alto and flits between San Francisco, Amsterdam, London and home.


1 – a last minute trip to see Paul perform at The London Cabaret Club, the theme was the Great Gatsby and we were treated to a 3 course dinner and a very entertaining evening.

2 – went to see Ben in 9 to 5 at the Savoy Theatre in the West End which was great. Gill got a selfie with Bonnie Langford!

Christmas – traditional Christmas Eve with church, beer, whiskey and food at ours. Christmas day we went to Jodies and Boxing day at Phil & Gaby’s (beef wellington!).

As for Poppy, well delightful as ever!

Poppy pics >>

Some drone pics >>