6th & 7th June 2016

Myself, Drew, Darryl & Rob set off in 1 car and 1 campervan Friday afternoon for this two ride event, a timetrial Saturday with a Gran Fondo on Sunday.

Traffic was a nightmare and after registering and checking in at the hotel we set off late to ride the TT course, which was fairly flat. Quick turnaround and off to meet Paddy and Seb for some pasta.
Saturday’s TT was good and I posted a time of 43:50 ish a bit behind Darryl & Rob, Drew unfortunately punctured 400 metres from the start.
Met up again with the guys for an evening meal.
Sundays Gran Fondo was effectively an 80 mile race per age category, although myself and Drew sneaked in with the others in the slightly younger category. Also a very hot day.
Once off it was super fast with Seb & Rob slightly ahead with myself, Drew & Darryl playing catchup, few sketchy moments with lots of riders bunched up. After approximately 12 miles, Darryl was in the ditch & punctured, luckily not seriously hurt but we couldn’t fix the puncture, game over for him!
I carried in and ploughed on weaving my way through riders, unfortunately after reaching 40 miles the first signs of tiredness crept in, the last 20 miles was a nightmare with cramp severely cramping my ride, the finish was a relief in just over 4 hours.
Felt light headed and sick afterwards and I guess that was down to the earlier efforts, heat and wind.
Rob & Seb had done amazing rides with Drews being respectable, all earning themselves UCI medals.
Great but tough weekend.