Thursday 21st January 2021

After many many years of talking about moving, it finally happened, Clare moved into 35 Butser Walk! A lovely 3 bedroom terraced house in a lovely location.

Myself, Ali and Gilly helped her on the big day which as per the last few weeks proved stressful, not just the delay in the transfer of the funds but the sheer amount of stuff in boxes to move. The deliverymen (4 of them and 2 vans) were also surprised and even got Clare to hand over an extra £400 cash. Unfortunately and against all of our advice, Clare failed to declutter and ended up bringing so much tat with her, on moving day this didn’t help as she insisted on unpacking everything herself, even the out of date sauces, squashes etc.

A week on things are starting to take shape with Ali & Chris and at times us, helping out to get things straight. As it’s an older house, it’s suffered many years of poor maintenance and DIY. Fortunately these things can be rectified.

On one of the days we helped out, I managed to mistime a climb into the loft and luckily came away with just some bruises and damaged pride, a week on the pains are still there and I think I’ve badly tweaked a chest muscle.

Lots of things to do but she will be very happy there.