26th July 2015

Torrential rain for most of this E12 road race today meant this was going to be a tough one, Phil dug in really well and managed to get in the lead-group, finishing an impressive 10th place.

Result – Rake National B Road Race
1. Lloyd Chapman, Richardson Trek RT
2. Max Stedman, Pedal Heaven RT
3. Ashley Dennis, Catford CC at 6 seconds
4. Andrew Feather, Bikeshed Exter Uni
5. Ashley Cox, CC Luton
6. Edward Leverack, JLT Condor
7. Anthony Moye, Easton Ritte
8. Robert McCarty, Pedal Heaven
9. Sam Redding, Easton Ritte at 20 seconds
10. Phillip Peters, Danny Share Stork Racing
11. Mitch Webber, Pedal Heaven
12. Luke Ryan, Richardson Trek RT
13. James Wilson, VC St Raphael
14. Joel Natale, Dulwich Paragon CC
15. Callum Gillesie, Cycleworks

A picture speaks a thousand words…

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