7th August 2011

This annual 25 mile team time trial on the Bentley By-Pass is usually an interesting event and this year was no exception. Myself, Andy Lovell, James Chapman & Matt Cheyney were put together by our team boss to produce a blend of youth and experience! Just before we set off, Matt commented “last time I did a TTT I clipped the guy in fronts wheel and ended up in ditch”, which filled us all with confidence. We set off and and it became apparent that Matt was not comfortable with riding in close formation and it soon became ragged. Convinced that he had a puncture Matt peeled off and left the 3 of us to carry on, we did for awhile only to find Matt was back and we then carried on as a team of 4. Unfortunately this didn’t last for too long as James clipped Matts rear wheel, went off in the verge and miraculously stayed on his bike, we re-grouped and finished minus Matt in a time of 57:31 in 6th place.

Phil however riding with Seb, Graeme and Tom rode very well together, although Tom Chapman only managed to hang on for 10 miles. The guys recorded a very fast 52:06 to finish in 2nd place about a minute behind the VC St. Raphael team.