Lockdown since the 24th March 2020, lots of self isolating, online quizzes and online chat via zoom, WhatsApp and Messenger. Only allowed out once a day for a run, walk or cycle and shopping for essential supplies.

Personally I’ve been busy with survey work up until Good Friday, after that hopefully some websites.

Good Friday update: Lockdown still in place, Boris Johnson is just out of intensive care after contracting Covid-19. Feels like being in a disaster movie! The virus is nasty, spreads easily and can kill.


  • Weather hasn’t been too bad, Good Friday was very warm.
  • Getting some jobs done.
  • Will really appreciate getting back to normal.


  • Cleaned the drive.
  • Re-stained the decking.
  • Re-painted the fence.
  • Cleaned all the external windows.
  • Cleaned all the white bits on the conservatory, including roof.
  • Internals cleaned continuously.
  • Fixed the conservatory roof which was leaking.
  • Gilly did the Buriton run which was 6.66 miles and a big challenge for her.
  • Repaired the old specialised allez for Ben to have……
  • Made a video – we’re not going on a summer holiday!
  • Cleaning the house.
  • Clear out the shed.
  • New shed and roof on the side shed.
  • New dining set – went to Essex to pick most of it up!
  • New barbecue – the old one was terrible.
  • Decorated our bedroom to a lovely shade of beige.
  • Painted the ceiling and white bits on our first floor landing, also repaired the ceiling.

Sunday 10th May 2020 – Today we were meant to be going on holiday to Kefalonia with Ali, Chris & Clare, unfortunately flights have been cancelled and hopefully we may get an opportunity either later on in the year.

Monday 11th May 2020 – update – restrictions eased very slightly, exercise not restricted to once a day, fresh air is good. Slight encouragement to return to work, although restaurants, pubs, salons, etc will be shut until 4th July – effectively making Gilly unemployed for another 2 months. A slight lull in work for me but a lot of work in the wings.

“We’re not going on a Summer Holiday”

We made this video to ‘celebrate’ not going on holiday, filmed on my new iPad which was balanced on a footstool with barstool, dvd box, duster handle and drone sign! We copied the words from a similar video on youtube with the soundtrack played on the TV. Lyrics were hand written on 3 pieces of paper and pinned to the iPad ‘tripod’. Many many retakes but got there in the end!!

30th May 2020

Lockdown restrictions are starting to ease, hairdressers however are still not allowed to work!

Tom has started (25th May) a new exciting job with Bob Bob Ricard as headchef, working in Soho, but in a slightly different role for more covers. Unfortunately Tom Simmonds was planning on closing the Tower Bridge restaurant.

Phil & Gaby are both busy.

Me? Survey is still busy and even went to Aldeburgh in Suffolk on a Saturday to survey an annex. Gill and the girls came too, a long day!

13th June 2020

Further restriction easing taking place, 2 metre social distancing rules still apply, however allowed to meet other groups outside.

Tom still busy on recruiting new staff and preparing a new menu for the re-opening of the restaurant. Gill still unable to work.

Me? Still very busy and have also just purchased a reconditioned Leica TS06 flexline total station.

6th July 2020

Gilly started working today, but with lots of covid restrictions, including hand sanitiser, face shield and mask. Going out to clients rather than doing them here at home. Still busy for me but can see the country talking itself into a recession, although technically we are already.

19th July 2020

Just come back from a weekend in the Forest of Dean, Darren’s had a serious accident in the lorry but thankfully only broken bones, don’t know all the gory details.

Just purchased a insta360 camera, which is basically a type of action camera which shots 360 video and 360 imagery, watch this space but first impressions are that it looks pretty cool.

19th August 2020

Turning into a major shambles, overseas travel looks a no no with 14 day quarantines on return. Have to wear masks in shops, biggest recession since time began (no shit sherlock!) But can do most things now.

Now not very busy which is a shame.