10th October 2010

Myself, Darryl and Rob had entered this event again to defend our 1st Vets Team from last year. The omens were good as I got the start sheet through, we were off at 10:00 am, on the 10/10/10, Darryl had also planned to pick me up at 10 to 7.
Alas, Rob’s wife was ill the night before and myself and darryl drove down in convoy with the ‘B’ team consisting of Trev, John H & Gary, DCB was in convoy as well to look after Gary’s kids and to support the teams.
A fine but windy day saw myself and Darryl post a respectable time of 59:52 (even with a bottle stop!) with the ‘B’ team clinching 2nd place with a 58:55, the first Vets team only managed a 1:01 and the title would  surely have been ours except for a missing man.