We’ve had some fantastic holidays in the past but this raises the bar, safari adventures, great all inclusive beach, friendly/helpful people and great weather.  Icing on the cake though was to have Phil, Tom, Gaby and Clare with us.

Kept a very brief diary of events;

Day 1
2nd June 2013

Flight diverted to Nairobi due to a broken down earth-moving vehicle at Mombasa which has been closed. Delayed approximately 3 hours, left Nairobi at 9:30. Arrived Mombasa 10:14. Long queues at visa desk, Gilly felt queasy after taking malarone on an empty stomach. Delays on ferry, arrived at Amani Tiwi at 1:30 ish. Lovely resort and very friendly people.

Day 2 Monday

Day by pool, played water polo, went for a beach walk up to the river. Phil cut his foot slightly playing Water polo.

Evening dance.

Day 3 Tuesday

Safari – picked up early by Sajjad and travelled to Mombasa, ferry crossing and a fair drive to Tsavo East park, saw elephants, zebra, goshawk, buzzard, gazelle, baboons and antelope. Ended up at Aruba lodge where we checked in for the night, had lunch and a swim, lots of lizards and a big monitor. Then went for an evening game drive and spotted more elephants, gazelle, giraffe, buffalo and a lion sleeping after killing a zebra.

Towards the end of the game drive we got word of a large pride of lions fairly close to the resort by a water hole. Finished off the evening with a beer and a BBQ. Superb.

Day 4 Wednesday

Left the resort at 7:30, Tom not feeling very good. Set off for Kilaguni Serena Lodge in Tsavo West, approx 180 kilometres away. Drove through Tsavo West and arrived at Kilaguni Serena Lodge for lunch, amazing 5* resort and excellent food, view from restaurant was amazing overlooking a waterhole, which throughout the day was visited by zebra, water buck, baboons and elephants. Had a quick swim and set off for the evening game drive, unfortunately Tom couldn’t make it as he was still unwell and had been sick, hopefully he’ll be ok tomorrow. Early on in the game drive we got wind of a leopard, which we raced to see, this was amazing and very close to the track. We then nearly ran over a giraffe and  were nearly attacked by an aggressive lone elephant! Stopped off to see some crocs and distant hippos at mizimo springs. Evening topped off by an amazing meal overlooking the watering hole with a big herd of elephants.

Unfortunately Tom was really sick and we had to call out housekeeping to clear up the mess, Gill skating on sick, yuk! Big spider in our room!

Day 5 Thursday

Amazing breakfast with complimentary champagne. Lots of animals at the watering hole. Set off early for Serova Salt Lick across Tsavo West. SSL is in Taita Hills, uneventful game drive. Checked in for SSL at the Serova Hotel and we all went off to plant some trees. Had a very nice lunch in the Serova Hotel and then drove down to the Salt Lick Lodges, amazing /unique place on stilts with its own watering hole and tunnel. Watched elephants, buffalo and baboons drinking at the watering hole. Went for an evening game drive in the afternoon which was uneventful, although in beautiful surroundings. Nice meal at the SSL overlooking the watering hole.

Day 6 Friday

Up early to leave SSL, quick uneventful game drive and headed off back to Amani Tiwi via Mombasa, marathon journey, Mombasa was congested/dirty and hot. Turned into a bit of a competition in Mombasa with the other Polman drivers, with Sajjad taking a lot of risks to get to the transfer point where we boarded a coach for the ferry crossing and final leg. Arrived back at Amani at 2:30 pmafter leaving SSL at 8:00am. Checked back into our original rooms. Knackered.

Day 7 Saturday

At pool for most of day, bit of water polo, also myself and Gill lounged in a hammock on the beach sipping cocktails. Got a coconut gift from our surfing instructor Amos.

Day 8 Sunday

Myself and the boys had a morning windsurfing lesson with Amos, good fun in the shallow warm water. Boys did really well. I had a starfish for company whilst Tom trod on a sea urchin and ended up with about 10 needles stuck in his foot, ouch!

Also lounged around with the now usual round of table tennis and water polo.

Day 9 Monday

2nd windsurfing lesson, we all did better but also tired towards the end of the session spending a fair amount of time in water.

Afterwards got a taxi with our driver Jamos who took us to Diani village and beach. On the way he showed us the cashew nut tree and mango trees. The big mango trees produce the small fruit and vice versa. Apple mango produces lovely sweet fruit. Had lunch at Diani beach which was very pleasant.

Day 10 Tuesday

3rd and final windsurfing lesson, all much better but choppy conditions made it a hard and tiring session.

Stayed at the pool for the day.

Day 11 Wednesday

Hired a taxi and went with Saint Nicholas to the school and orphanage. The standard of school is light years behind ours, orphanage children seemed to fare a lot better. On the way back stopped to give the children sweets.

Day 12 Thursday

Day at pool, myself, Gaby, Phil and Tom went to the art class.

Day 13 Friday

Pool day, also hired 2 x 2 man kyacks, great fun especially into the waves. Gilly also had a quick go. Coconut demonstration on the beach, drank some of the juice and ate some of coconut, not the familiar coconut taste but pleasant. Gaby, Tom and Phil finished off their paintings.

Had a meal at the al a carte restaurant, got there late ish and didn’t eat till 10:00! Food just ok which was a bit of a disappointment.

Day 14 Saturday

Day by pool, usual feast of food, drink and water polo. Also football on the beach, tom managed to hurt his ankle and is now limping. Evening farewell cocktail party for the leaving guests. Donated flip flops and shorts to various people. Amos shorts, Peter flip flops.

Masai warriors tribal dance evening.

Day 15

Left hotel at 4am for trip back to UK, rumour has it that they refused entry on to the plane to the brummie drunk.

Safari pics here…

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